Dedicated to fulfill the market needs of high precision, high quality Metal & Non-metal balls.

Welcome to Acra Ball

Established in 1967 Acraball Manufacturing Co.

Our engineering team is dedicated to solve customer requests for customer alternations or special materials selection to fit any particular application.

Today, we are proud to serve a large group of clients from various industries.

Please feel free to contact us with your particular request.

All of our products conform
to ABMA, DIN 5401 and ASTM F 2215.

We can offer balls in a size range of 0.010″ to 8.0″ dia. and
in any grades from Grade 5 to Grade 1000.

Also we can supply hollow balls from 1.5″ to 12.0″ dia. in
carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel material.

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